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The cost of Funerals is on the Rise

A funeral is a special event for saying goodbye to someone who has passed away. Unfortunately, funerals can be expensive and prices are getting higher and higher. It's like buying something from the store: when you go back to the same store a few weeks later, the prices might have gone up. But instead of paying more for clothes or toys, families are having to pay more money for their loved one's funeral. This means that it is harder for them to say goodbye in a way that honors their relative's life. It also means that they have less money left over to remember them in other ways, like setting up a scholarship fund or planting trees in their memory.
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Life Insurance

Unlocking the Benefits of Final Expense Insurance

What is Final Expense Insurance? Final expense insurance is designed to alleviate the financial burden of end-of-life expenses, such as funeral and burial costs. It can provide peace of mind for families and loved ones who may have difficulty meeting these costs on their own. Final expense insurance offers cost…
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What Are Those Extra Benefits

When shopping for Final Expense coverage, there is much more to consider than just coverage amount and price. Many companies offer benefits that may make sense to pay a few extra dollars for your coverage. Many of these additional benefits are not understood or never covered and beneficiaries oftentimes do…
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Understanding Final Expense

You hear the term Final Expenses thrown out pretty regularly these days. There are countless commercials advertising coverage for your burial or final expenses for pennies a day. But what does this cover? How does this work? Is it worth the investment? When should you consider purchasing protection? This article…
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Control Your Prescription Costs

We have all been there. You went to the doctor and they tell you about a new drug that can drastically help your condition. You are excited… your doctor is excited… your spouse is ecstatic… your bank account not so much. It is unfortunate that some of the treatments that…
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It’s Life Insurance Awareness Month

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. If there were ever a time to take action to protect the financial interests of your loved ones, it is now. No matter how well you have prepared for your passing, your loved ones will have a struggle. We have helped thousands of people…
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Help! I’ve Been Declined

It’s never a good feeling to be declined for anything. This is exceptionally true when you are declined for life insurance coverage. You might experience feelings of hopelessness, fear, rejection just to name a few. However, even though you were declined there is hope. There are many carriers and product…
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Preparing for Lost Income

We would all agree that losing a spouse is a traumatic experience. In all honesty, it is probably one of the worst things we have to go through in life. The grieving process takes time and, depending on how prepared you were, difficult decisions must be made. Of course, there…
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Why Do I Need an Agent?

With all the information available on the internet, you mind find yourself asking the questions, “Why Do I Need an Agent?”. I totally understand. We have all had the bad, pushy, over-the-top salesperson on the phone who is pushing a product on you. Nobody likes that experience, but there are…
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Cover Your Funeral Now

It cost a lot of money to die.  Let’s face it!! The cost of funerals is rising at an alarming rate.  This is forcing individuals to make difficult choices when they plan for their end of life.  It is the all too common conversation I have had with my clients.…
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