Cover Your Funeral Now

It cost a lot of money to die.  Let’s face it!! The cost of funerals is rising at an alarming rate.  This is forcing individuals to make difficult choices when they plan for their end of life.  It is the all too common conversation I have had with my clients. She really wants to be buried, but unfortunately the money isn’t there.  Furthermore, the one thing every single client I have has in common, is they do not want to be a burden on those that they leave behind.

Well, the great news is, you don’t have to.  It is not a choice that you are required to make.  Burial insurance is incredibly affordable when you consider the alternatives.  Most importantly, with the variety of carriers that offer coverage, we are able to find solutions that provide coverage on day one!!!  This means that if you pass away… even one day after you take out a policy, you are completely covered.

Call us today to see what options you might have.  We work with individuals in all health classifications to find coverage that fits your needs and your budget.